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ATMA is a consulting company to the ATM industry with primary focus on proprietary audit techniques that apply to ATM operations. The company was started in 2003 by Laura Russell. The company's services are provided on a confidential basis to ISO's who simply need to know that all transactions are being accounted for accurately. Alarmingly, mistakes are common. Few know how to find them and even fewer know how to fix them.

ATMA has an extended track record of reliability, accuracy, and utmost integrity. Laura's audit results have become trusted up and down the ATM food-chain because she can organize, demostrate and explain the precise nature of the audit results, no matter which side of the transaction you are on. Ms. Russell knows business, and she particularly knows the ATM business.

Who is Laura Russell?

Laura Russell, native of Chicago, has held finance and executive management positions in the ATM industry since 1997, finally serving as VP Finance and Operations at EFT Logix until 2003. She made the transition to this industry from high tech manufacturing at Maxtron Corporation and later Xetel, where she rose through the ranks to the position of Vice President in charge of operations and finance from 1983 to 1997.

Her career spans the challenges of over 20 years in executive management with P&L responsibility in ATM Services and Electronics manufacturing - directing the integration of financial and operational systems through start-up, growth, and crisis cycles.

Laura Russell has utilized her considerable knowledge of the ATM industry to develop complex revenue auditing processes which she offers to ISO's on a contract basis. These audit routines have been responsible for significant revenue recoveries. Success in this undertaking demonstrates a unique understanding of how the infrastructure of the industry works and how to reduce the flow of transactions to an auditable form.

Laura demonstrates a "big picture" perspective on the needs of both operational and financial disciplines. Her proven ability to integrate total business sense with accounting and financial principles, leave her alone in the field of independent ATM audit specialists.

Laura Russell
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